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Research & Articles

View the latest evidence-based practices and research on vaccine equity from our partners and more. 

Vaccine Hesitancy & Access Challenges

View research on why people are not getting vaccinated and the emerging tools and practices used to address it. 

Vaccine hesitancy concept, syringes with vaccine and question mark. Doubts and hesitations

Policy Opportunities

Learn about vaccine equity policy opportunities and what is currently being implemented in other states and nationally.  

Image by Joshua Sukoff

Racism and Health Equity

Learn how racism and racial health equity can be centered in public health programs and policies.  

Image by Clay Banks

Programs' Best Practices

Learn from featured programs on their best practices to approaching vaccine equity in New Mexico.  

Image by Windows

Program Evaluation

See what tools are being used to measure effective vaccine equity programs.  

Image by Lukas Blazek
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